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Philrealty’s main real estate activity since it started operations has been the development and sale of residential/office condominium projects and to a limited extent, the lease of commercial and office spaces. 

It has developed unique and trend setting projects: The Alexandra, the first to offer consumers the combination of high-rise condominium and subdivision living; Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, the official headquarters of the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. and home of the country's corporate and financial stalwarts; The Alexis, a low-rise condominium within an upscale subdivision; the exclusive La Isla; and Casa Miguel, a 4-storey walk-up residential condominium in San Juan, Metro Manila.

After the completion of the Philippine Stock Exchange Centre in January 1996, Philrealty launched its Andrea North project at the 2.8-hectare former Pepsi Cola property in New Manila, Quezon City. This project is an Alexandra-type upscale condominium complex which consists of five residential towers. 

Andrea North is a cluster of luxury high-rise residential condominiums located at the two-hectare former Pepsi Cola plant at the corner of Balete Drive and N. Domingo St. in New Manila, Quezon City.
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